Migrating from Hub2 to PLM

My second Hub v2 died recently, and rather than pay for a third one, with migration, and then the subscription, I thought I would switch to a USB PLM. That seems to be seen by the HA server (running on a Raspberry Pi) - I see the kernel messages in the dmesg output reporting /dev/ttyUSB0 was detected - but I cannot see how to change the Insteon modem to use the USB connection instead of the IP/Port that it was using for the Hub2.

Is it even possible to switch that over, or do I have to wipe the whole setup and start again (it looks like I will need to pair every Insteon device with the PLM manually again, so maybe deleting the integration and seeing whether the discovery mode triggers on the USB modem is the best option?).

Unfortunately changing modem type is not supported in the integration. This would require you to uninstall and reinstall the integration. Sorry about that.

You will also need to relink your devices to the new modem. The only way Insteon devices know to follow the commands from a modem is to be linked to it.

Thanks! That’s what I guessed - just didn’t want to delete it all if there was a simpler way :slight_smile:

One thing to watch out for when you reinstall is that the devices will show up as if they are there, but in fact are not controllable by the modem

Yup, found that one. Ended up deleting (renaming) the JSON file that had the all connections database in it, and that solved that problem and allowed me to add all the devices back. Luckily, I had a spreadsheet with the device IDs, locations etc, and all but a couple happily went into paring mode from the remote command so I didn’t need to walk around pressing set buttons :wink: