Migrating from Insteon/ISY to HA + heterogeneous. How to decide where to group lights? Build scenes?

Hello Home Assistant community! I’m a long time ISY user who decided to bring my home automation up to the 21st century. So far I’m loving it very much… but like with any flexible platform, there are many ways to do a thing and starting off on the wrong foot can be a pain to correct later on.

The current dilemma is choosing where to group my lights and build my scenes. My inclination is to make Home Assistant the default place to create them and also migrate all groups and scenes from ISY to Home Assistant. So far my environment consists of the ISY 994i, zigbee2mqtt, and plans for wifi devices.

If you’ve been down this road already, please drops some pearls of wisdom. Thanks!

Well, the answer is … it depends :wink:

Leaving the light groups in ISY means that there’s a single service call for Home Assistant to make, so it probably will be faster and more responsive that way. It’s the same for Zigbee2MQTT.

Scenes you’re likely better bringing into Home Assistant, since in an upcoming release there will be support for restoring the state entities were in before the scene was called.