Migrating from Phoscon/Deconz to ZHA/Z2M and from ConbeeII to Sonoff or what?

I have been using ConbeeII Zigbee stick for several years now, and I have almost 100 devices on my zigbee network. Things have been working mostly fine, up until latest HA update that somehow messed up my zigbee network, devices started to turn on and off randomly, or disappearing from network and I couldn’t get them back. So I thought my ConbeeII has finally getting broken or something, so I ordered myself a new stick, " SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus, TI CC2652P + CP2102(N)" as I understood that should be the best one currently. But when I was waiting for my new stick to arrive, I removed my ConbeeII from my HA Raspberry4, and upgraded the firmware via Windows. After that, all my zigbee devices were working again! So, problem solved.

BUT now I have both ConbeeII and Sonoff. Is there any point switching to Sonoff or should I just return that stick?

And another question, I only today realised that I don’t even use ZHA, but Phoscon integration (devices show that they are connected to Phoscon-GW). Should I switch to ZHA, or even Zigbee2MQTT? And why? Do I get something more out of those compared to my current system?

I understood from another thread that I could just disable Phoscon and add ZHA integration and somehow by renaming all my devices with the same name (and Phoscon devices as device-old or something like that) all my automations etc would work. I mean, I could do the switch to something else but I really wouldn’t like to pair 97 devices all over again as that is always a pain…

I run both Phoscon and ZHA via two separate ConbeeII radios. This allows me to keep devices that go off the network when the wall switch is used separate from remotes, so the remotes don’t lose their network when the wall switches are turned off. You may not have that need, but you can install the separate one with ZHA and then migrate over things at whatever rate you want.

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