Migrating from Raspi 3B+ to Raspi 4B - How to?

Hi fellows!
Thanks for the great work on home assistant. I love it and I’m using it since two years, mainly for Zigbee integration with deconz raspbee-module.

I’d like to move from a Raspberry PI 3B+ home assistant system to a Raspberry Pi 4B system.
So my question would be: Can I simply take the Micro-SD-card out of the raspi3b+ and put it into raspi4b, getting a working system? Is it that easy? (Running core 2021.1.5 - supervisor-2021-01.7 - Home Assistant OS 5.10).

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Unfortunately, no it is not. The 3b+ and 4b have different images.

Screenshot_2021-01-28 Installing Home Assistant OS

The easiest way will be to:

  1. Create a full snapshot of your system. Move it off the SD card, open it and verify it is all there.
  2. Burn the 4b image to a new card, in case something goes wrong, you still have the other card. SD cards are cheap, your time is not.
  3. Restore the snapshot to the 4b during initial sign on.


  1. You may need to check your supervisor / system / host / three dots / hardware menu to adjust the raspbee-module hardware address.

  2. If you have database errors in your log, delete your database file and restart.


Wow, @tom_l, thank you very much for this step by step tutorial. Much appreciated. Have a nice day!

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I was never able to restore without db errors, always had to remove the db.

Yeah it seems to be a common occurrence. Hence step 5.

I remember seeing a post somewhere saying you have to lock the database before creating the snapshot to prevent this. Not really worth the hassle.

EDIT: It was for the MariaDB addon not the default DB. https://github.com/home-assistant/addons/issues/1353