Migrating from rPi to Synology VM. How can I use my rPi zigbee HAT?

Hi all. I’ve been running HAOS on an old rPi 3 b for a while but I am migrating it to a VM on my Synology NAS. Unfortunately, the zigbee HAT I’ve been using on the rPi obviously can’t work on the new instance since it’s not USB. Any suggestions on what I can do to maybe turn the rPi into something that acts as the zigbee hub still but through ethernet to the HA VM on the NAS?

Hope that’s clear! Thanks!

You could run zigbee2mqtt on it.

re zigbee2mqtt: Run that (add-on for HA I assume) on the HA VM and then point at the rPi? Sorry, new to this part of the HA world.

Yes this how it should work.
You could also install z2m on the rPi connect them both to the mqtt broker.

Awesome! I’ll give it a try. Thank ya.