Migrating from wink 2

For the past 2 years my home has mostly just worked with a wink 2 hub. I say mostly because there have been issues with certain things that I just stopped caring about. As you may know right now, Wink is holding people hostage.

I have a mix of products. Hue, Caseta, Insteon, zwave and I may even have a zigbee or 2.

I’m a software developer so this kind of excites me, except I have a ton of other projects going on.

I’m torn on 2 things right now. Do i go with another hub like a Vera plus or some generic zigbee/zwave hardware. Does vera give complete device control in HA? The other question is around hosting HA. I have a qnap nas and I could run a container on it. Is it it better to purchase a Raspberry pi for this? I’d rather not have extra hardware. Yes I know they are cheap, but this was all unplanned and the wink 2 is now just a waste of money. Thanks in advance

Personally… go direct. Sure, you could buy a Vera hub to interact with your Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, or you could spend a fraction of the price :wink:

I’d use your NAS, rather than a Pi, and getting the Docker install there is documented. It’s even possible to get Home Assistant (with add-ons) installed. The best use of a Pi is to host your Z-Wave and/or Zigbee integrations if your NAS is in the basement/garage/etc.

There is native Insteon support, same for Hue, and Caseta. Obviously you’ve got Z-Wave (which will shortly be upgraded), and multiple choices for your Zigbee integration.

The good news is, there’s a massive list of official integrations and even more unofficial ones.

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My wink hub has been in my basement with zero connectivity problems. Is it safe to assume if the wink hub had no problems I can leave the new stuff down there as well? I have a rack in the basement, it’s nice to keep things out of sight. I guess the position of my first devices is enough to create a solid mesh network.

It should be fine. RF (radio frequency) can appear horribly unpredictable as a tiny difference in position can have a significant impact on the signal. It wouldn’t hurt to plan on buying a USB extension cable for the stick(s), or even put them all on a powered hub on top of the rack. Moving them away also cuts down on interference and can give you what appears to be a stronger signal.

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Thanks, I’m already up and running with Hue and and few other integrations.

Lutron Caseta and Insteon I know are supported, but these ones don’t show up in the UI? Can these only be added via configuration? (update, i see lutron was auto detected as home kit controller)

I don’t use z-wave any more but one thing that really used to annoy me was the network re-initialisation after every home assistant restart. If this is still the case it’s a good argument for spending the money on the Vera hub.

Each integration’s documentation tells you how to set it up. Most newer ones are done in the UI, older ones are mostly YAML.

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Right now, yes. However, as of likely 0.110 the new Z-Wave integration will get initially merged. That separates Z-Wave out from the core of HA, so restarting (or upgrading) HA won’t impact it any more.

That new integration has been undergoing beta testing for a while and I don’t imagine it’ll be many releases before it’s fully able to replace the current one.

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I only have 4 zigbee devices and they are just AC wall plug modules. I can easily replace those with zwave or insteon as one option

Does this device work well GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub, It seems to have semi good reviews. Am I better off with the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 for zwave only.

It works fine, lots of other folks in North America use it, and is certainly supported by ZHA.

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I have one ordered, sadly won’t be in until the end of the month. Thankfully my house still functions with the exception of 1 under the cabinet lighting strip that the module is above the refrigerator and requires a ladder to get to.

Wink has already been dead for a few days…

Does this mean that I can replace my soon to be useless Wink2 hub with one of these ConBee II Zigbee USB Gateway (https://www.amazon.ca/dresden-elektronik-ConBee-Universal-Gateway/dp/B07PZ7ZHG5/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8) and still be able to control my Lutron Caséta without getting a Lutron Hub? If this is the case I will order one right away…

No, that’s a Zigbee Controler, you need a Lutron hub, I would get the one that says HomeKit. Wink had some deal with Lutron so they could have a controller built-in.

The recommendation I’ve seen is to buy the Caséta Pro hub rather than the basic hub.

I received a “homekit” one with blinds I purchased and I almost gave it away. I can confirm it’s working good. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work are fan controls. The hub is showing them, but i can’t control the entity(s) in HA