Migrating from ZST10 (700) to ZST39 (800LR) controller

Has anyone successfully migrated from one to the other? Was it possible to do so without having to re-associate everything and start rebuilding the network from scratch?

Yes it’s possible but it requires you install additional software. Overall it takes about 20 minutes to complete. Heres the steps you have to follow. 800 Series Z-Wave Controller Support Tracker · Issue #5257 · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub

Zooz said there will be a firmware update soon.

Out of curiosity is there a process to do this from a Nortek HUSBZB stick to the zst39? The zwave-js integration web interface has a backup option. I am just not sure if a backup can be restored to a different stick.

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Currently there is a firmware issue that prevents users from migrating to the ZST39 using the NVM Backup and Restore function. This functionality should be fixed with the firmware that is being released soon.

In the meantime I made a video explaining how I was able to migrate my 700 series usb to the 800 series. The process should be the same for the 500 series controllers.


I’m trying to do the same thing. Any luck making this work?

I migrated a few months ago. I did have to rebuild everything from scratch.

Nope, I just rebuilt the network from scratch. Also, since 800LR isn’t yet fully supported it basically works the same way that it worked before, ie as a mesh, so I suspect this is only the penultimate time I’ll be rebuilding it so I wouldn’t rush if I was you.