Migrating from ZWay to Home Assistant Z-Wave JS, problems with Network Key

I try to move my system from ZWay to Home Assistant but I got some problems with my previuosly secure included devices.

Installed HassOS on my Pi4 with the Razberry Controller and set everything up to use Z-Wave JS2Mqtt (without Mqtt). Extracted the network key from ZWay (S0) and configured Z-Wave JS2Mqtt.

At first everything worked as intended, I was able to control most of my devices except for some S2 secured nodes but thats not the problem, I will reinclude them at a later stage.
The S0 secured devices showed YES at the secure column on the control panel.

Then I tried to integrate my 62 ZWave devices but this did not work. I think there is currently a bug with Z-WaveJS2Mqtt and 2021.3.0b2, so I downgraded to 2021.2.3 again.

Now the integration works without any problems but I cant control my securely included (in ZWay) devices anymore. The key has not changed, I alredy tried reconfigure, reboot, update to 2021.3.0b2 again… nothing seems to work with secure devices.

Every secure device is shown now as unknown for the security status on the control panel. Here is a screenshot:

Anybody able to help me?
Thanks in advance and best regards

Update: Tried to change my commands timeout value to 45 seconds. Inclusion and exclusion timeout time is still 30s? Maybe my settings wont get applied?

Not sure I can be of that much help besides mentioning that I used Z-Way to set up my network prior to switching over to HA and the key extracted from the Z-Way files works fine for me in ZWaveJS.

That said, I only have three devices (locks and garage door) included as secured, so I don’t know if it’s device related more than it is interface.

Thanks for your reply!
I started yesterday the tedious work of reincluding most of my previously secure included devices as insecure.
After around 30 devices, I wanted to check out the functions and automatizations of HA and recognized that my network key works again.

After setting up my first scripts and blueprints, I am very pleased with how everything works in HA. This ZwaveJS is absolutely blazing fast. Never thought that my zwave network will be this fast!

Great work!