Migrating Ha from Generic (Intel NUC) to?

Hello All

I’m kinda new to Home Assistant and currently I have it installed on Intel NUC as “generic x86”

I’m thinking about moving it to some sort VM environment maybe VMware or Proxmox, to run it in some sort of “home lab” setup.

I have a new hardware ready, Alder Lake with 64gb DDR4 and 2TB M.2.
Trying to decide what to use as base, what would be the recomendations?

And what is the easiest way to move HA from Generic x86 to new setup?

If you ask 2 people which virtualisation option is better, you’ll get at least 3 opinions. I’ve been using VirtualBox for the last few years, and I’m pretty happy with it, but I’m toying with the idea of moving to TrueNAS Scale.

Backup/restore works well to move machines, and the “Home Assistant Google Drive Backup” addon makes it even easier because you don’t need to worry about moving the backup from one machine to another.

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which virtual solution works better with direct hardware access? Once I move the HA to VM I would like it to have access to the Bluetooth etc…

Like Michael said the backup restore is a great option. Be patient tho and you might have to reboot a few time to get everything working.

For the VM i would say avoid HyperV like the plaque if you want to pass through.
Learned this the hard way :smiley:
ESXi does a great job but keep in mind that it will come at a cpu % cost if you dont passthrough the entire controller vs 1 usb device.

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And here’s the 3rd opinion, Proxmox

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I definitely don’t agree on the HyperV, very stable, but it sucks with USB; it just doesn’t support it. And that is basically the reason I had to look for another solution after i switched to a Conbee-II usb controller (ran HyperV for almost 2 years)

Also tried VirtualBox, very good with autostart/usb but very unstable, couldn’t get it to run then a few hours max.

I now run VMWare, a bit of a hassle with setting up autostart and mounting USB, but rock solid.

I never said it was unstable, just dont use it for USB stuff.
Use it for everything else, be it my kids minecraft servers/plex/nas/webserver/ect ect. :wink:

I followed this video Home Assistant PROXMOX Install and Setup (With NUC Alternative) - YouTube to install Promox on my NUC. It worked flawlessly.