Migrating HaOS and Frigate from unRAID to dedicated hardware?


Just want to check my assumptions out here. From everything I’ve read, it looks like are no major constraints moving from unRaid hosted Frigate container and HaOSS VM to dedicated hardware for both.

Presently, Frigate is passing its content (6-8 cameras planned) to HaOS/vm through unRAID:mqtt. As I understand it, that same service is required in HaOS bare metal with Frigate as an Add-On?

So does Frigate essentially run as a Docker within HaOS when on its own hardware?

Will I be able to point the storage to a dedicated media device onboard? SSD or NVME? I’d like HaOSS to reside on a small NVME (500gb) and then have Frigate store its clips in an SSD in the same machine.

The host machine is a Lenovo m920q with 16GB of RAM and an i5 8500t with Intel UHD 630 iGPU.

Any nightmare scenarios I should be aware of?