Migrating HAOS from Laptop to Intel NUC

Just looking for an extra pair of eyes and sharper brain cells to critique my plan.

I have been running HAOS 9.5 on an old lenovo laptop, works great, but I want to rack mount all of home lab stuff. Here’s my plan:

  1. Followed the HA installation process I wrote the HAOS 9.5 to the NUC
  2. Perform fresh backup of the HA from the laptop
  3. Shut down the laptop
  4. Bring up the NUC, set it to the same IP as the laptop was. (plan on using MAC assigned DHCP), Reboot
  5. Plug in the ZWave/Zigbee radio and log into the new HA and restore the recent backup

Seems like that would do it, nothing should notice including the wall tablets, home assistant cloud

Sounds like that should work fine.

Just remember that when firing the NUC up 1st time and none of the add-ons start after restoring, don’t panic, just shut HA server down (hard restart/reboot) in the drop down menu not a normal restart.

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Thanks for the heads up on the Panic. After a shutdown and restart, every thing was just as it was. But Faster! Im sure the i7 NUC is a bit of overkill, but will look cool in the rack!

No problems, glad to have given the heads up.

Enjoy the absurd overkill, because I do on mine also!