Migrating Home Assistant Core to Home Assistant OS

I’ve been using HA Core for a few years now and now “want” to switch to HA OS. But I don’t want to lose my config. So, I made a backup and fed that to HA OS on initialization. Afterwards the docker container didn’t respond anymore …

I assume it’s because of my manual https config in my configuration.yaml. I ran docker exec -it <id> bash and out-commented the corresponding lines but it still doesn’t listen on port 8123. Is there a way to reset the config? I guess as it’s all docker application containers there is a way but I don’t have much experience with docker or how they are applied for HAOS.

Regarding https: I’ve used certbot in conjunction with my own fork of dns-lexicon and two scripts for manual-auth-hook and manual-cleanup-hook. AFAICT the Home Assistant Let’s Encrypt addon is mostly a bunch of shell commands strung together in a shell script. I would not mind forking it, too, to implement the necessary commands to make it work with my setup. But I don’t know if I can install custom addons in HAOS. I even cannot tell in which container this script runs as it seems to make use of certbot but I don’t see it installing certbot and it’s not installed in the homeassistant application container.

If there’s no path forward for custom addons I could still put the HAOS VM behind my nginx reverse proxy. Are there any caveats in reverse proxying HA?

What is in fact the difference between HA Core and HA OS ?

I run HA behind nginx without problems

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OS used addons. Services in docker containers supervised by HA. HA provides ui to configure them. Easier to manage but has some limitations.

With core the external Services containers are created and managed by the user. Provides greater flexibility and customization.

Which is better is preference

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I admit that I am puzzled. This is what I have:

As I have Supervisor and Add-ons, I assume that I have HAOS…?

Yes, you do.

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Okay, nginx reverse proxy it will be then.

But I still don’t know how to transfer my config and more importantly my power statistics from multiple years. I’d be really sad if I had to lose them.

Create a backup and restore on HA OS. Or copy over your /config directory (where configuration.yaml is), including all hidden files and directories.