Migrating Hue hub to > ConBee II (Zigbee)

I just ordered a ConBee II, I already have a few Zigbee hub (Philips Hue, IKEA, SmartThings…),

With integration should I go for? deCONZ or Zigbee Home Automation?

Also, I probably gonna keep the Philips Hue Hub for the lights cause I have too many accessories (around 30 lights / 21 accessories), but I’m just wondering, is there a way to move all the lights and entities which are already set up on home assistant from the Hue Bridge (Lovelace, automation, NodeRed …) to the ConBee?

I assume the only way would be to copy every entity name, delete all of them then add the device through the ConBee and rename them?

Finally, I bought the ConBee to control some IKEA sensor and button (didn’t managed to use them using the IKEA hub/integration as they only report the battery states…) just to make sure would that not make to much signal noise between the Philips Hue Bridge, The ConBee and the IKEA Hub? and I’m hoping to control some SmartThings Smart Plug with energy monitoring, hopefully that will work…

There’s no easy way to migrate. You need to pair each device with the ConBee.

Why do you want to keep the Hue bridge? I moved everything to the ConBee more than 5 years ago and never looked back. In general it’s the best to have a single ZigBee mesh as it will be stronger and all mains powered devices will act as routers for the baztery powered devices.

My advice would be to take note of the entity ids, unpair all the devices from your Hue and IKEA hub, then pair all of them to the ConBee and rename the entities back to what they were before.


thank you, I think that’s the best way to do it alright, I’m just a bit lazy, so many entities, lights, switch, sensors and rules… I’ll do it ! much more control over this devices at the end.
What integration did you use? deCONZ or Zigbee Home Automation?
thank again.

I had the same concern, but I preferred to keep all hue in the hue bridge and all others zigbee in conbee. I wanted to keep the hue application to set my lights on my iPhone.

I use deconz, mainly because my ConBee is in a different place than my machine running Home Assistant. Also ZHA did not exist back when I started with the ConBee :slight_smile:

Deconz is recognized by some hue apps as a hue hub, otherwise you could also try emulated hue.

Personally I don’t control my bulbs from the phone, that’s not really a smart home for me. Lights should turn on/off automatically based on presence, sun elevation etc. Whenever I need to use my phone to control them, I failed in my view and I start to refine my automation logic in order to not have this situation again. Also you can control the bulbs from the Home Assistant frontend and build a nice view there as well if you need it.

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