Migrating Nest Integration / Linking Two HA Instances

I have a Nest thermostat from back before Google dumped the WWN program. I had it working with my old HA instance and it still works perfectly fine. However, I got a new rPi4 for Christmas and I’m trying to migrate all the integrations. The Nest integration says it needs a PIN to set up, but I can’t log into my Nest developer account anymore to get a PIN… so looks like my new instance won’t have a direct link to my thermostat … [sad/angry face]

Until I get around to buying an ecobee, I’m thinking of ways to link by two HA instances together so my new one can control the thermostat through the old one. My current best guess on how to do this involves lots and lots of webhooks between the two instances … which I’m willing to do, but I’m not sure is the best solution.

Does anyone have a better thought/recommendation on how to get around this problem?

I would give this a try

heyo! It works perfectly. Thanks for recommending it!

copy your Nest line from [.storage/core.config_entries] on your old Rpi and paste it into you new one. it should work.

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It worked. Thanks for the help!