Migrating to VM can't get bluetooth USB dongle working

I’m trying to migrate to hassos on VirtualBox but can’t get bluetooth working. I’ve tried a few USB Bluetooth dongles but to no avail. Does anyone know of a USB Bluetooth dongle known to work :thinking:

I should mention it’s on a windows 10 host, Ubuntu 64 guest, on an old laptop.

Hmmmm no one on VM uses Bluetooth for presence :thinking:, interesting

Look for usp pass thru on virtualbox. That what I used for my VMs on Proxmox.

Really, so hassos has a driver for your dongle, what USB Bluetooth dongle did you use?

I’m having issues getting this Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 dongle to work. I’m running Debian 10 VirtualBox. I’ve emailed Plugable support. If I am able to resolve the issue, I’ll circle back. Otherwise, I’ll return the dongle.