Migrating Z-wave network to 2nd instance of Home Assistant Supervised

8 months ago I started my home automation journey with Home Assistant Supervised with a Rpi4 running on a SD card. In trying to keep WiFi devices to a minimum, I went all in with Z-wave devices (about 25) with a GoControl HUSBZB-1 USB Hub and I have pretty happy with this set up. I am now spinning up a 2nd instance of Home Assistant Supervised on a 2nd RPi4 but on a USB SSD. So far this has been working well as I’ve added the few WiFi devices I have with no problem as well as all the various add-ons I found useful on my 1st instance.

My question is how best set up or, migrate my Z-wave network/devices to the SSD instance of Home Assistant Supervised? While I’m open to buying a 2nd GoControl HUSBZB-1 USB Hub, I don’t think a z-wave device can belong to 2 different networks at the same time. I also want to avoid repairing 25+ devices again if at all possible. My main concern is keeping my Z-wave network/devices on the 1st instance operational until I get it fully set up on my 2nd instance. If anybody has experience with this, or any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

The current built in zwave architecture doesn’t allow for that. You’d have to move your stick to your new instance, this keeps your pairing intact but if you have secure devices like locks or garage door openers you’ll need to import your network key into the new instance as well.

Thanks. I “bit the bullet” so to speak & migrated everything at once. I moved the stick to the new instance, copied a full snapshot from the old instance & restored it on the new one. I was expecting all sorts of major issues but surprisingly, it all went pretty smoothly. There are still a few hiccups to work out but all in all, very minor & I have all of my Z-wave devices. Thanks again.