Migrating Zwave from Core to Hassio

In the interest of using the HA implementation used by most people, I’ve decided to move from HA Core to Hassio. From what I can tell, moving Zwave will be the most finnicky part of this process. Does anyone know of documentation for this process? I’ve found a few threads on it, but they all describe having issues that they had to hammer out and manually fix later, I’d of course like it to be a seamless transition.

My plan is this:

-Initialize brand new Hassio install on new machine.
-Move Aeotec Z-Stick from old HA Core machine to new one
-Enable Z-wave component on Hassio
-Shut down Hassio
-replace zwcfg_0xwhatever.xml on Hasssio with the one from Core
-add all zwave entries from Core core.entity_registry to Hassio core.entity_registry
-start Hassio, and cross my fingers?

anyone with experience have thoughts on this? is there other stuff i need to migrate?

I did this exact same thing over a year ago. My biggest concern was the Zwave transition also. Since I was moving to a new machine at the time I was able to load Hassio then copy my my entire config file over and restart. Everything on Zwave worked flawlessly. At the time I didn’t have to make any changes to the *.registry files, it all just worked for me. By copying my entire config file over when I restarted it was like I didn’t miss a beat. I did have the luxury of moving to a new machine so if anything had failed I could have easily fallen back to the old machine and fired it up again. I don’t know if it’s now required to make *registry file updates or if they would update just based on seeing the new hardware.

Now with the google backup feature I have been able to pretty much do the same by using the back up and restore feature as I have since moved to another machine. I run the same Aeotec Zwave stick as well as the Nortel stick for zigbee. Since all files were copied over neither became an issue for me.

If you’re moving to a new machine you can go ahead and try it knowing you can always fall back. If not you’ll probably want to make sure you have a solid backup of your current machine you could revert to if needed. Good luck!

Just copy your entire /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant directory (the config directory) including the .storage directory to the HassIO install.

Then the only thing you’d then have to do is make sure the path to the Zwave device is correct.

Just copy your config folder making sure to get /config/.storage folder and point HA to zwave stick

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Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I’m trying to do the same thing except not with z-wave involved. Disclaimer: I’m a newbie at HA. I started a few days ago running HA in a venv and I’d now like to move this installation to a fresh VM of hassio. How do I get the .homeassistant files into the VM? If I install the Samba share add-on and them copy the files to /config, won’t that overwrite the settings for the Samba share addon.

Like I said, I’m new at this so please be gentle.

Copy them over.


Sweet. I’ll give it a go. I just read a tip that suggested I clone the VM disk as a safety net when making major changes. Seems like a good idea.


A snapshot should suffice.