Migration Deconz to ZHA Docker

Hello together,

I am trying to migrate deconz to ZHA in home assistant in a docker container on my Synology.
I have deactivated deconz in HA and also deactivated its container.
Than I have restarted HA, to add ZHA afterwards. But the Conbee II did not appear…
I have tried to add it manually (serial path), but this did not work either ("/dev/ttyACM0").

But when I read other articles, the stick normally should appear in the drop down menu, when adding the ZHA. I have also removed the additional USB Stick from my Synology, but no change at all.

  • When I start the HA contain with high previliges, it works, but i don’t like the solution, because it is unsafe…other ideas?

Once this will work, what is the most simple way, to reinstall my 40 Zigbee devices on ZHA?