Migration from Home Assistant Container to Home Assistant Supervised

I initially installed as home assistant container, only to find i couldn’t install addons, which obviously is a deal breaker. So now i have followed the instructions and setup HA Supervised, but now I am needing some help with a few things:

  1. Is it possible for me to import my configuration.yaml/db from the container installation into HA Supervised? If so, how?
  2. How do i run my frigate container under the supervisor?
  1. Yes, use the new (as of 2022.4) backup feature to back up your existing Container install, and restore that to your Supervised install
  2. As an add-on - as you have to do with all other software

PS: I hope you’re following the requirements for Supervised.

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RE 1: I stopped the hassio-supervisor.service, but the container is still running. I can still reach the web interface. How do i stop it? (I need to stop it so that i can run the old container and do a backup)
Nevermind, I figured it out. Just needed to stop app armor, then stop all containers. Then rename my old container to homeassistant_old. then was able to start it, run back up, then restart supervisor and all containers

RE 2: Ok, thanks for the clarification. I re examined the instructions from Frigate, and I realized that with HA Supervised, I can install the addon and just mount my NAS following the instructions and then I won’t have any problem. I was under mistaken impression that it was required to run Frigate only as a container with HA, but with Supervised its not the case. So i will take that advice. Thanks

RE PS: You’ve got too much faith in humanity :innocent:

I ended up leaving frigate running as a container, and installing the frigate proxy addon. this way i can keep complete control of frigate, which is somewhat of a necessity. all is working fine, thankfully. Thank you for your pointers @Tinkerer