Migration from Homematic to Homematic(IP) local --> How to keep entity-id?

I’ve installed Homematic(IP) Local, finally! I’ve set all parameters and it works fine.
Currently I’m using the old proprietary Homematic integration and Homematic(IP) local at the same time. But that’s only an interim solution.

I’d like to migrate all old entities to the new one and keep my automations, scripts and history untouched.

My first attempt: delete the old one and rename the new one with the same entity-id as the old one.
But it isn’t possible to delete a single entity from the old homematic integration.
Do you have any other idea, how to migrate smoothly with smallest possible impact?

Thanks for any tip!

Sadly there’s no easy way to do this. The best solution is to take a couple of hours to change all automations etc. in one go. You’ll loose the history of the old entities though.
Or you can remove the old integration and rename the new entities to match the old entity ID, which shouldn’t be present anymore once the old integration is removed.

Oh no :sob:
I’ve got more then 1800 entities… But thanks for your reply. I’ll try to find a good way.