Migration from NAS to NUC - Xiaomi Aqara

Hi there,

I recently decided to migrate my homeassistant from running as a container on my QNAP NAS to a container running on my new NUC running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. Everything has gone swimmingly except for the setup of my Xiaomi Aqara Gateway! Works perfectly on the NAS, but generates the following errors (repeatedly) once setup and sensors have been identified on my NUC (with it obviously not working):

“Got error element in data {“error”:“Invalid key”}

Things I have checked / tried so far:

  • Ensure NUC is in the same VLAN as Aqara Gateway
  • Stop NAS Container when starting NUC container
  • Run latest version of HA on NUC
  • Reverted to HA Core installation - still doesnt work with same errors
    Ensuring Network Host is enabled

As soon as a I revert back to HA on my NAS, the Aqara gateway works with all sensors working perfectly.

Open to any other ideas that people may have to getting the Gateway working.


If anyone stumbles across this post after tearing their hair out, I managed to solve this problem by upgrading to Ubuntu 21.04 - Apaprently 20.04 LTS doesnt have the correct network drivers for my 11th Gen NUC.