Migration from Raspberry Pi 5 to Synology DSM 7 - Serial Ports not responding


I’m migrating from a RPI to Synology HAOS using VMM. Most things work, but I’m having issues with Z-wave and RFXComm. Both use serial ports.

I know that there has been issues with serial ports on Synology, but I’ve followed all the instructions to get them active. The Synology recognises

/dev/ttyUSB0 for the RFX connection and
/dev/ttyACM0 for the Aeotec stick

When I add the ports into the VMM - all seems OK:

but I can’t initialise the z-wave JS-UI (although it recognises ttyACM0 and the RFXTX loads, but changing any of the switches just has no effect - so probably isn’t sending anything over the USB.

I’ve spent about 10 hours on this - and still not getting anywhere!