Migration from RPi to Intel-NUC - addons will not start

I have migrated my HA from RaspberryPi to Intel-NUC by restoring a backup. HA core works fine.
Only the add-ons behave strange. They all look inactive:

If a open a addon, the START button is available. If I press start, nothing happens.
BUT: the addons are running:

  • appdaemon interacts with the core
  • Samba share drives are available
  • login via SSH terminal is working

I have no idea, whats going on. Does someone have experience on this?

I vaguely recall something similar happening to me a while ago. I don’t know what caused it but I think I shutdown & rebooted my host computer to clear it.


I recently moved my HA install to a new machine and encountered the same issue after restoring the backup to the new machine. As @MaxK has said the solution for me was a full shutdown and restart of the computer. Just restating HA was not enough to get the addons to start and respond normally.

After doing a full reboot of the system all of the addons started as normal and everything was responding as expected.

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