Migration from supervised to HassOS

I am stuck with my supervised installation, unable to upgrade the core, due to host_internet: false error. I am afraid I will have to go with a fresh installation. Seeing that HassOS is a suggested method, I have a question - will full backup allow me to just use it during onboarding, or supervised vs HassOS backups are not compatible?

Backup, install HAOS, restore backup. Done.

Did this myself right before 2022.10.0 works like a champ. Make sure your backups are solid.

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Thank you. Is there a way to check the integrity of a backup other than just running restore? I never used restore, as I did not have to. I store 2 full back-ups, just in case I have to roll back deeper.

without a restore not exactly - but they should just be a .tar file - make sure you can open it in your favorite decompression tool, and you’ll probably be fine. Don’t expect historical data to survive the trip. Personally I’m, not one to be up in arms about how many times I opened my front door two years ago - but it may matter in your case.

I also used the opportunity to get a backup SSD for my HAOS install (I already run on an M.2 SSD and the price on a new one was too cheap to pass up) So I just ordered a new M.2 and installed / restored to that. Worst case - if it blew up, I just reinstalled the old HDD. (Spoiler - it didn’t, the hardest part was waiting to get the backup file onto the new SSD. It was easier to do a default HAOS install, install and configure Google drive backup to restore latest full than worry about trying to figure out how to get the backup file prestaged on the HAOS image.

Thanks, I have downloaded them to my mac and they open fine. Thanks again.