Migration From Supervisor/Debian to HA Green

I initially installed HA Supervisor on a Debian VM. I just received a new HA Green box, so now I’m attempting to restore a backup on the Green box from the Debian install but am running into some issues:

  1. I created and downloaded a full backup from the Debian install, and then shut down the VM. Note - the backup file is only 50MB, so I would expect it to restore fairly quickly.
  2. Plugged in the Green box, waited for the initial startup, selected Restore from Backup, and uploaded my backup file.
  3. Waited for several hours before refreshing the page, which sent me back to the initial setup options.
  4. I then created a temp user, updated to the latest version of HAOS (so now the Core version matches what I made the backup with), and attempted to restore the backup from the file again.
  5. This time I get an “unknown error: see supervisor logs” message. The supervisor logs say that the backup file can’t be found.
  6. I decided to start fresh, so I re-flashed the Green box and attempted to restore from backup again after initial setup. Left it to run over night, but same thing happens. Navigating to the server in a separate browser window takes me back to the initial setup page, while the previous window is still displaying “Restore in progress” with a spinning wheel.

Pretty sure at this point the backup is stuck. While this was going on, I did manage to copy the /usr/shared/hasseo/homeassistant directory from the VM on the previous install, so I have those files if necessary.

At this point, I’m not sure if I should keep trying with backups, copy the files to the green box manually, or start from scratch with a new install (hopefully not). Does anyone have instructions for how to get a Supervisor install migrated to OS?