Migration from Z-wave to Z-wave-JS (especially Fibaro RGBW)


I am still on the deprecated “Z-Wave” integration and now thinking after some while if it is time to do the migration to Z-Wave-JS.
I am especially worried about Fibaro RGBW controller since I have seen some issues about it.
I am using AEON Labs ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 EU, are there any special step/considerations to take care of when migrating?


For clarification, are you referring to the RGBW Controller (FGRGBW) and not the RGBW CONTROLLER 2 (FGRGBW-442)?

It is FGRGBWM441 RGBW Controller
I have seen people having issues that entity no 6 doesn’t show up

That device has buggy firmware which causes issues with HA. Firmware versions 25.25 or later should work properly. Unfortunately, Fibaro does not provide the firmware for you to upgrade yourself. You either need to ship the devices to them, at your expense, or use their own hub to update. (See here)

So it is confirmed that it won’t work and/or have some issues?
Will 442 work better?