Migration guide SD to SSD

Is there a recommended migration guide for noobs like me to assist in migrating my running Pi4/Hass setup from SD card to SSD drive???

I have samba doing a daily backup to a NAS so i do have a copy of my install hopefully but have heard that SD cards don’t live long in this use?


This was the guide I followed. I didn’t document my exact steps, but basically imaged a new Raspberry Pi OS on a spare SD card, booted from that card and updated the EEPROM so the Pi will now boot from USB if no SD is present. Next I imaged the SSD with the latest 64 bit 5.x image on a laptop, then booted from the SSD. After I was able to log into the new HA install I restored my latest snapshot. Everything worked perfectly with the exception of 2 zigbee door sensors that showed as ‘unavailable’ , but those just needed to be activated one time and they started working. I did need to buy a new SATA to USB3 adapter, as my old one would not allow it to boot. I’m using an SSD drive I had removed from a laptop in 2014 and it’s been working great! I was surprised at how easy it really was.


Great, thanks for that, i was going to get one of these, lucky i waited :wink: