Migration issues from Ebyte e72-2g4m20s1e to Sonoff 3.0

Dearest tinkerers,

Recently, my Ebyte e27-XXX ZigBee coordinator suffered a dislocation of the USB port. After engaging the services of an alleged soldering expert, the dongle manages to spit out a couple of white led flashes before endless silence in both Proxmox and HA. Ebyte’s product manual does not provide an explanation for these led blinks so I have no idea what they could be signifying.

Having reached the absolute limits of my Zigbeeless existence, I coughed up for a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 stick in the hope that migration success would be a mere formality.

:x: Unknown Error Occurred

The problem, as far as I can tell, is that Zigbee radio migration is only possible with a fully functioning example of the previously installed ZigBee stick. Most irritating, given that many of us will only be compelled to replace our ZigBee coordinators after they’ve malfunctioned. A further problem is that I have changed all of my ZigBee entity IDs to better identify each sensor while writing up my automations.

So, my questions are as follows

  1. Is there some way of replicating my sensor entity IDs without using the automated radio migration?
  2. If not, is there a simple way of pulling a list of ZigBee devices and their entities into a text file before I delete the now useless Ebyte ZHA integration?

The prospect of needing to write that list manually like some kind of pre-modern, dumb-cave-dwelling Neanderthal man is not thrilling me one bit… Can it be done?