Migration of configuration/etc from rpi4 installation to VMware

is there some best way/recommendation how to migrate current install (With all the configurations) from rpi4 to fresh install of has on vmware?

I do use zigbee/zwave gateways so i think inside vmware these devices will have also different IDs.


You should be able to just create a backup of your current setup, then restore it on a fresh install on VMware.

The zigbee/zwave is a different issue, as you’ll have to make sure your usb passthrough is working properly.

@moto2000 thanks
I assume once i do the restore; zigbee/zwave will not fit the original devices IDs?

Do i have to passthrough whole usb controller or just usb devices itself?
I also plan to use google coral usb; and i saw some git posts that whole usb controller has to be passthrough. At the moment i dont know why but i cant passthrough my usb controller using ESXi. So in case it is required i have to buy card like this one below; passhtrough whole card and connect each usb device zigbee/zwave gateways & google coral to it?

But still after restore from rpi4 to VM … i assume i will have to do somehow remapping of old IDs usb devices to the new ones?


I believe when you restore your old config files, it might restore your device ID’s, but hopefully someone else can chime in to confirm or deny.

Regarding passthrough, I also won’t be able to help you too much, because I use VirtualBox. With that, I just need to passthrough the usb device.

However, I do know that corals can be temperamental with VM’s and passthrough. So you might have to do a trial and error or search around in the frigate thread for coral and passthrough.

If you have the integrations backed up and restored properly it should come across.

Info about the network is stored on the stick. The integration stores basically a translation table and sends that info to HA. So you need to make sure your backup has everything your ZWave / Zigbee integrations need to retain that

Hello all

i’m no expert as i often say.

Someone just gave me an hp ml350 g6 with wmware esxi 6.7 installed. This is all new to me so please be patient, understanding and gentle with me.

I my case i will be migrating from an HA supervised installed on a debian laptop

I just saw an excellent and clear video on how to instal HAOS on vmware.

I use a aeoted z-wave usb as my zwavew controller. I will need to buy a zigbee usb controller to communicate with the new trv.

My only concern is what is mentionned in this thread. “passthrough of usb”

Befor commiting to this mygration, i need to know if my setup will allow the usbs to be read? if not how do i ensure/do to ensure that the passthrough occurs.

In the month of september and october i will further develop my ha environment to control heating trv and lights. At this time i will take this opportunity to rationalise my HA environment and streamline it based on what i learned in this forum and youtube video

Thank you for your patience

stay away of that card, it doesnt support usb3.0 under Linux so waste of money, as google coral usb apparently uses usb3 protocol.

Thank you @phier for this suggestion This would improve speed …excellent would this be compatible with the ml 350?

I successfully install HAos on the vm and it loaded correctly. I do not see where i can ensure that this is haos.

I did a full back up from my debian pc and restored it on the ha installation on the vm.
The only addon that works is HACS.

As i click on all other addons i get a nessage that the addon is not running. I go to the addon p[age and i try to start it. It does not start it just hangs. I uninstalled the addon and reinstalled it from the addon store… no joy.

What could be the problem and how do i fix this?

Thank you so much for responding