Migration question

Hello all. I have been running HA for a long time, very happy with it. I’ve been using a variety of RPi devices running in the venv configuration. I recently built a new setup using docker/supervisor on a separate machine, I’m really loving the ease of setup and configuration, and I’ve moved over my devices easily, with the exception of my Z-Wave devices which are still on my old HA setup. It is an RPi model 3 with an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 on Debian bullseye running HA 115.4. I have a few options, my preference being to leave the Pi and Z-Stick as is, add whatever software components I would like to enable an MQTT bridge and send the data to my new HA installation running 117.0. Another option would be to move the Z-Stick to the new HA host, or build a new setup on an RPi 4 that I have. My main problem is I don’t really want to lose all of my Z-Wave devices, specifically a Schlage door lock (BE469) and around a dozen door/window sensors. What’s the easiest way to get my existing Z-Wave devices into the new HA install? I’ve read all of the relevant threads I could find but nothing really fits my use case.

Thanks for any help!

The devices are stored on the stick, so if you move the stick to a new server/installation all devices are “transferred” with it (if you set the same network security key). Take notice that devices will be recreated in HA and any naming you set is lost.

Be aware that the older Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (not the Gen5+) isn’t USB 3.0 compatible and can only be used with a non-powered USB 2.0 hub or USB 2.0 port.

Thanks Rick, that is what I thought. I have a network security key set for my lock, although lock/unlock seems to have stopped working, but I have been mucking around with the devices in HA, so I may have broken something on that side. In terms of the devices being recreated, naming and such, I’m fine with that, as I kind of want to start somewhat clean anyway. As far as I know, the Z-Stick is just the Gen5, I’ve had it for probably 4 years, and I’d like to leave it on the existing RPi3 anyway.

I’d like to use the newer OpenZWave setup on the old RPi 3, and have it connect via MQTT to the new HA instance. Is it as simple as setting up and running the docker qt-openzwave image? If so, that will be great.

I myself currently use HA on a RPi 4 with the MQTT addon (because the OpenZWave integration only connects to the MQTT addon), but my ozwdaemon addon is running from a different system.

HA <> MQTT addon <> MQTT (Docker) set up as bridge <> ozwdaemon addon (Docker)

openzwave/ozwdaemon docker version tag 150 (because of issues in later versions). You can obviously directly target the MQTT addon of HA, but a reboot of the RPi means issues on the ozwdaemon as it doesn’t handle MQTT disconnects.

My plan is the following, please let me know if I have it right:
PC with HA (currently running)
PC with MQTT addon (currently running)
RPi with MQTT bridge (tbd) <- I assume this is the optional part?
RPi with ozwdaemon (tbd)

When you say RPi reboot causes issues, do you mean in your setup the RPi running HA? And is that the purpose of the MQTT bridge, to isolate the RPi running ozwdaemon (in my case) from the HA host reboot?

I may move my HA on the PC to HA running on the RPi 4, but I think I would still leave ZWave on the remote RPi 3 as I want to physically locate the ZWave hub in a different place in the house. I assume using the backup/restore function in HA I can do that fairly easily, and just update the IP on the RPi 3/ozwdaemon.

Thanks for all your help so far!

Yes if the ozwdaemon loses it’s connection to the MQTT Broker it will crash. So in you case, if you target it directly at the PC with the MQTT addon and you reboot the PC (or the MQTT addon) your complete Z-Wave network will become unavailable until you restart the ozwdaemon on the RPi.

If you run the ozwdaemon Docker you can easily update the IP yes, if you use the OpenZWave HA addon it only targets the MQTT addon on the localhost (fixed settings).

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and sorry if I’m being pedantic, but I assume that the MQTT bridge is just an MQTT instance running where the ozwdaemon is running, and that connects to the MQTT addon on the HA server?

Yep, correct :slight_smile:

Awesome! Hopefully I can take a stab at it this afternoon.

Took awhile, but so far so good, I can lock and unlock my Schlage lock, which was the main thing I wanted working, so that’s great, thank you very much!

I could not update the OS on my original HASS instance so I ended up installing the new Ubuntu server for RPi on a new SD card, setup MQTT bridge, and then installed the ozwdaemon docker image and got it working. The first time I had it going direct to the new HA node, then realized my error and re-configured it so it goes through the bridge.

I didn’t use a specific version of ozwdaemon as you had mentioned, what issue were you having that made you force the version?

There reports of high cpu usage, processes hanging and dimmers not acting correctly after version 150. But if it works great for you, great! :slight_smile: