Migration to OZW

Using Hassio Supervised, 114.1

Having trouble with Home Assistant consuming 100% CPU with a python3 process. Causing problems with my fanless PC overheating. Have read the forums but there’s not much in the way of solutions apart from buggy integrations and installing trace tools and trying to diagnose output. I don’t know anything about python, docker etc and reading log outputs, there should be easier ways to troubleshoot than this.

Anyway, I stopped my Z-Wave networtk and the runaway process immediately stopped. So that tends to suggest the built-in Z-Wave integration is buggy.

I’ve been reading about the new OZW plugin and have read up about migration to that. Not much documentation available, it just says install plugin and congifure. So I’ve installed it, then the config page says to install MQTT plugin as well and configure that. So I’ve installed it but I don’t really know what to do to configure that. The documentation says create a user in HA for MQTT, so I’ve done that. But it then goes onto mention setting up users is not necessary as local users can be used. What exactly should I be doing with MQTT to set it up for use with OZW? Is it being used as a “broker” or not, and what does that mean? Where does the username that I’ve just added go?

Then the documenation for configuring OZW - it talks about defining the Z-Wave controller. I’ve already done that for the Z-Wave plugin, will declaring it to OZW as well screw up the controller? Doesn’t the controler “know” which hub it’s attached to? Do I have to reset the controller, and will that screw up the oiriginal Z-Wave config if OZW doesn’t work. I remember when trying to set up HA inm the first palce with Z-Wave, had to start again from scratch several times and the controller needing resetting each time otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Then…do I really have to set up all the devices and automations again with OZW? Is there no migration path? I can’t find any documentation in migrating an existing Z-Wave set up apart from “install and configure it”.

Can anyone point me to the right things to do to actually set up MQTT and migrate Z-Wave to OZW? It’s all very confusing.