Migration to Portainer

I have a HS Blue and I’ve been really happy with HAOS. But the USB ports on the blue died and I can’t reach my zigbee network anymore.

I have an hp elitedesk pro sitting here running some other containers and managed by portainer.

I really like the add-ons in HAOS and I have a busy couple of weeks and weekends ahead of me. But my family is annoyed the automations from zigbee are broken.

Should I migrate from the blue to the portainer build? Will the add ons still work? Is there a good guide for doing that without reconfiguring the bazillion things I have in HA?

I could just set up zigbee2mqtt on the portainer and move the adapter, then re-set up the 41 zigbee devices… That sounds like a pain though.

I think you mean docker. Portainer is basically a ui for docker

No. Addons are for HAOS. Addons are basically docker containers managed by the HAOS supervisor. You will need to install and manage these containers yourself, likely with portainer, if you move away from HAOS

If you already have another server riunnimg containers, I would go with that presuming the hardware is decent.

Best way is to setup HA container and get things running. When your ready to complet move, you would change server IP and move zwave/zigbee.

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I’m a noob so take my advice with a grain of salt…

To reduce at minimum the migration effort you can pick an alternative hw like a raspberry, install HAOS plug in your USB and restore from backup.

The plus for the raspberry is readily available image with everything tested and working plus low power consumptions.

HAOS may be installed in something other (like a VM on yours laptop) but you might have some problems connecting the USB adapter as a virtual device to the VM, and if you are not already leaving you laptop on 24/7 you’ll save some money on electricity bill.

Bummer. I was hoping for something like portainer, where I could run the HAOS in a container, and give it access to the docker socket and it could still install and run add ons as containers.

I suppose I could blow away the build I have on the elite desk and install HAOS, the portainer add-on, and then rebuild my containers along side the add ons. But that’s not great.

Yeah, it is a management console that runs in docker, and manages docker.

Yeah. I’m afraid that is what I will end up doing. For my edification, I should probably write down a bunch of what I have running and rebuild it from scratch. Having he HA add ons is so nice though. I might just buy another specific SBC for HAOS.

Proxmox and a vm

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You could always move your zigbee network to another host with working USB ports with ser2net. A dedicated RPi would work, but for lowest cost anything running Linux with functioning USB could host the coordinator but keep all the software on the existing Blue.


What a great suggestion! That is working. I don’t think it is a great long term solution (but it’s fine for now). I probably will move my HA to proxmox on this elitedesk at some point, but this should let me automations get back on track for now. Thank you Martin!

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