Migration zStack stick to Ezsp stick


I want to migrate à zStack stick to Ezsp stick. I would like to know if there is a tutorial for migrating or if you have to complete all the modules again


Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA ?

I have Zigbee2mqtt

Re-pairing is the best solution.

I have 82 equipment impossible…

Why do you want to migrate to an EZSP-stick? A CC2652 is still the recommended stick for Zigbee2MQTT.

You could use zigpy-cli

$ zigpy radio znp /dev/ttyUSB1 backup zstack-backup.json
$ zigpy radio ezsp /dev/ttyUSB1 restore zstack-backup.json

No guarantees, if it goes wrong you still have to re-pair.

See this in the Zigbee2MQTT community:

But note Z-Stack is recommended for Z2M.

I say it’s not recommended. Thank you for this link i going to check