Mijia smart multifunctional gateway wifi remote control

Hi guys.
I hope, somebody will help me.
I purchased Raspberry Pi 3+, installed Home Assistant OS and started with my first integrations.
I have in my house couple of Xiaomi cameras, Mijia smart multifunctional gateway with couple of child temp/humidity sensors, one aquara water leak sensor and some switches from Sonoff. Enough to start thinking, how to put them working and colaborating under one platform.
As the first step I started with Xiaomi-sensors (registered under my xiaomi account). On my surprise, all of the “Mijia-gateway child devices” were found and integrated correctly. All, except one of them - “Aquara water leak sensor”. Here I stuck and I dont know, how to continue. In the list of the available integrations appeared the Xiaomi-aquara integration as well, with the IP, is corresponding to the Mijia gateway. That’s fine, but trying to configure it, I always recieved an errormessage. Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing something, or ?