Mikrotik integration password

i plan to change my mikrotik router, so how can i find my already configured mikrotik password for integration. i can change it on mikrotik but how can change in hass? or find the old one. i dont remember.

If it is not available in the integration options when you go to Configuration / Integrations you will have to delete the integration and re-add it to set a new password.

ive tried but this results with connection problems. is there no file or something that keeps that password?

ok i found the sollution but need to speak with moderators before publish.

Could you share your solution to this problem please? As I am in the same situation.

Actually i couldnt get any response from admins so will share it here. Simply get backup of your HASS, download to pc, then unzip files. you will easily find the file that keeps passwords for integrations etc.

Thanks for your help, that solved it for me

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