Mila Air Filter with HomeKit

For those that own a Mila air filter, they just recently added support for HomeKit!

I was able to add it to Home Assistant. I had to email them to get the pairing code, as the app doesn’t expose it.

I’m using the “HomeKit Device” integration.

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I’ve just set this up too.

Support are super helpful. Just “provision” homekit on each of the Mila’s you want to add to Home Assistant but don’t proceed with the final step in the Mila app.

Then provide support with the MAC address of each device and they will give you the pairing code.

Now I just need to work out how to combine all of the sensors back into a singular device when I share it back to Apple Home via the Homekit Bridge

I have also connected my Mila to Home Assistant. However, it seems like it’s only exposing the sensors. When it’s connected to the Apple Homne app on an iPhone it’s also possible to turn the Mila on and off and set the fan speed. That’s what I most want to be able to do from Home Assistant, but I can’t see any way to do it.

Is controlling the Mila possible through the HomeKit Device integration? If so, can anyone let me know how? If not, is there somewhere I can look for logs about what might be going wrong?

I was excited about integrating it as a homekit device, but disappointed that it doesn’t give you some of the basic information and control!