Milight and Led strip living room project


I am near finishing remodeling an apartment and I am planning to use only RGB Led strips to illuminate it using through linear profiles channels installed at the ceiling/walls.

I was looking at Broh´s led strip guide, and than I stumble across an issue related with ease of use. Using such method on the day to day turn on/off and adjust to my liking would not be practical. This would still give me the addressable lights and all yet it has to be through Home Assistant web interface.

Than I was wondering if I could use Mi Lights limitelessled. One of the benefits using such led receiver is being able to use the milight wall controller. Its fine looking and give much-needed user friendly access for those just wanting to dim in/out change colours and can also add it to the web and module interface also it works with RGBWW led strips. This capability on its ow,n is a good deal and RGBWW adds an array of white light improving considerable the savings with electricity.

  • What Id like to know is if someone has had experience with a similar setup.
  • I listed few Aliexpress items and I wanted to check if you know if that would work just fine. I’m not a led strip specialist so your input would be really appreciated.

Wall mount B8

Remote FUT089

And Receiver LS2

3 - I have also came across the to integrate it with home assistant and finally using this for the led strip.