MIlight bridge problem

I’m trying to configure my milight setup to work in but every time I update the configuration file my installation corrupts and I have to reflash the sd card. I think it’s because I may be labeling my bridge as v3 when it’s actually a diff model.

Does anybody know what specific version this models is? It just says 0145. I don’t want to reflash my sd card a fourth time, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Looks the same as mine V5

Awesome. Thanks man. I would have gone lower if I had to guess.

edit: and it worked! phew, that was definitely the problem. now i’ll setup google assistant and I’m all set.

thanks again.

I have the same Mi Light and I cannot get it working.
What are your settings?

Mine are:

  - platform: limitlessled
      - host:
        version: 5
        port: 8899
        - number: 1
          name: LED1
          type: rgbw
        - number: 2 
          name: LED2
          type: dimmer

Looks fine, Any errors?

This post save my day ! thank you :slight_smile: