MiLight/LimitlessLED/EasyBulb losing connection

I have some milight GU10 lights and the Milight WiFi Receiver Bridge 3.0 Controller Box.

In general everything is set up correct in, I can control them via frontend and the automations I made are working.

The problem is that from time to time, it seems that connection is lost and I can’t control them from HA and the automation is not working.

I checked the Logbook and I saw that the automation is triggered. In most cases controlling them from the app is possible.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi @acme,

UDP connection used by the official controller is unreliable at best (and seems to break after each major HA update).

If willing to go DIY, an emulator with ESP8266 and NRF24L01 is totally worth it (uses MQTT to connect with HA, although you can still use the official MiLight mobile app/HA Limitless integration).

Regardless of controller used, GU10 bulbs don’t seem the best choice as they have a flawed heat dissipation solution. Moreover, with metal casing on the outside of most recessed GU10 frames, I found these to lose packets even from 3-4 meters away.

Thank you for your reply Petrica.

Unfortunately I don’t fill very comfortable with DIY.

Do you have any suggestions for GU10 bulbs that works well with HA? I don’t mind if they are only white and not RGB.


The obvious choice for set and forget is Philips Hue. I think that a separate gateway is definitely a better choice than wifi; wifi is simply not designed with IOT in mind and most cheap wireless routers are not doing a good job with a only few devices, let alone a bunch of lights and sensors and stuff.

However, price is a serious issue for Hue. Where I live regular prices for their products are around 100 EUR each so for an average house the bulbs alone (if using more than 15 bulbs) would be near the cost of a small sedan :slight_smile:. Considering also motion sensors, wall switches/dimmers prices, etc and there you have also the winter tires :slight_smile: (it’s kind of dumb to have a flashlight at hand all the time in order to be able to find the phone so then to turn the lights on/off; screaming at Alexa in the middle of the night it’s not ideal either so switches and sensors are still required; case using the regular, wired switch, to turn the lights on and off you loose the “smartness” in the bulbs)

Anyway, the Hue hub alone is totally worth it as it can be used with either Hue products or clones. I’m using a Gledopto RGB+CCT led controller and a regular 5M led strip for a quarter of the price of a 1M original Hue led with similar results.

They also have the Zigbee bulb options. RGB+CCT: or the CCT version: