Mill panel heaters wifi

These panel heaters are cool (no pun intended). It’d be nice to be able to control them with hass.

Hi @liksvette, any ideas on how to do this so far?

Np sorry, I’m not that smart.

Any news on Mill integration? Would be great to have it by vinter.

Found this
Not sure is it leading anywhere with the integration.

Maybe @Danielhiversen can shed some light?
Not sure did I tracked correct guy… :slight_smile:

Im very interested as well.

I think it will be included in HA 0.81.0.

You can follow the development here:


@Danielhiversen thank you! There it is in 0.81.0 :slight_smile:

Improved support is ready for 0.82

Is it possible to add a ‘median’ configuration variables for current temperature like the Xiaomi BLE temperature sensor?30%20PM

I get a lot of spikes from the temperature sensor from Mill


And in 0.82.0 all devices works. Thanx a lot @Danielhiversen

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I have an automation that set the temperature for 3 Mill heaters at the same time. Most of the time only the first one will be set successfully while the rest will remain untouched. No error is logged in HASS.
My current solution is the set a 5s delay for each heater in the automation. Is that possible to add queueing if multiple commands are issued at the same time? Thanks

Does anyone know what does error code 3017 stands for? I got this error logged in my hass once in a while but the component itself works fine for me

Failed to send request, {"description":"dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused","error":"http error","errorCode":3017}

Mill has some server problems.

The Mill app will probably not work when you see the errors in HA.

The error handling will be improve from HA 0.84

I ssee you are also the author of the Tibber component and in pyTibber the future energy price is implemented. As far as I understand future energy price is not implemented in HASS is due to this
Is there a way to get around this and perhaps make a custom component as a weather entity?


You can modify my custom component for it:

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for doing the Mill code!
Do I understand correctly that the HA Mill component communicates with a Mill server for it to work.
Or are the panel heaters locally controlled?

If not locally controlled, any chance to make this work?

It connects to the Mill servers.
I am sure it is possible to control it locally

Thanks for replying.

Emailed Adax and some other producers and it looks like Mill is the only one, maybe publishing their API. Just a shame we can’t select to control the heaters locally. What happens if your WLAN goes down….

Yes, local access is preferable for many reasons:
I have been in contact with Adax, and they are working on an API. But I think it also will be cloud based.