Min and max temperature settings for thermostat

I’m new to HA and have a problem with the temperature range for the Danfos Varmo TZ Pro (014G0806) thermostat. The thermostat works in the temperature range of 4-28 °C, but HA automatically offers me a temperature range of 7-35°C, which causes me problems with operating the thermostats. Is it possible to change the temperature range to the desired limit?
I tried the procedure according to the instructions in Thermostat Card min and max temp display, post from Ana06. Unfortunately the edit doesn’t work for me. I can’t implement a post from jksalvo.
Thanks for any direction to fix the problem.

BTW Sorry for my bad english.

I checked in the z-wave-js database (here - https://devices.zwave-js.io) and your TRV is not listed (014G0806). Other valves in the series are listed (014G0800/4) Perhaps this is the problem. You may wish to submit the valve for inclusion to the z-wave-js team.

Your written English is very good so there is no reason to apologize!

A Z-Wave JS device configuration file won’t help with setting thermostat min/max temperatures. That information is obtained directly from the device, if it is supported. If not supported, such as this Danfoss device (too old), the defaults 7/35 are used.

The customize method currently works for me. Adding this to configuration.yaml is reflected in the Thermostat UI, as well as the entity’s attributes (mine are in F):

      min_temp: 55
      max_temp: 85

It required a restart of HA to be applied. Using the “Reload Location & Customizations” from the Dev Tools YAML QuickBar does not work for me.

You can also use alternative Cards like the Mini Climate Card, which let you manually specify min/max temperatures for the Card itself. If your goal is to just change the temperature ranges for the UI, this works. I personally prefer that particular card anyways.


Thank you very much for your advice.
I don’t know why but the setting in configuration.yaml doesn’t work for me. Mini Climate Card is a very good solution. So I went this route.

Thank you very much again

@freshcoast solution worked for me with a Mysa v2 Baseboard Thermostat. For the record, I also set the same min and max in the Mysa app.

It work perfectly, thank you very much.

Yeah the customization worked for me as-well. Thanks for this. :slight_smile: Surprised that this does not work out of the box with my thermostats though. They are long time supported ones that should work well.

Heatit Thermostats Z-TRM3 (x2)
z-Wave JS v. 1.15.11


  # Customization file
  customize: !include customize.yaml


# Climate sensors not reporting correct min and max settings temperature

  min_temp: 15
  max_temp: 60

  min_temp: 15
  max_temp: 60