Thermostat Card min and max temp display

I am using the thermostat card with the temperature displayed in Celcius. The circular display shows values from 1 to 99 degrees and it is almost impossible to make changes on my mobile because the range is so wide. Is it possible to change the range to something more realistic like 10 to 30?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



how do you use in in Lovelace? insert your thermostat in entity card and it won’t be radial:

  - entities:
      - entity: climate.thermostat
      - entity: switch.combi_boiler
      - entity: input_boolean.heating_controlled_by_alarm
      - entity: input_boolean.central_heating_enable_night_automation
    type: entities
state_color: true
title: Central heating
type: vertical-stack

Thanks. I’ll give it a try when I get home. I also don’t mind the radial view, it just needs a reduced scale.



I think it gets bigger when alone, that’s the difference.
This one gives you compact (non-radial) view:

type: entities
  - entity: climate.thermostat

Hey there, new to Home Assistant and was experiencing the same issue. I put this on a similar thread but I thought I would respond here too since this is more recent.

There is a init .py file in the core/components/climate folder that defines the max temp for the device. I found mine here:


Find the appropriate line:


Define it as you wish (in Celsius, obviously), restart, and the thermostat card should now use the defined min and max.

UPDATE: Also can be done on an entity basis through the UI, much easier:
Configuration > Customization > Select Entity and change min and/or max temp value.

I’m sure there’s a way to do this through YAML too but these both work for me.

You can set a maximum/minimum temperature on the climate entity using YAML in the following way. The lovelace thermostat card of that entity displays these limits.


  customize: !include customize.yaml


    max_temp: 28
    min_temp: 8

Restart the Home Assistant Server for the changes to take effect. :slightly_smiling_face:



Just come across this.
How did you remove the ‘mode’ buttons at the bottom of the thermostat?
Does the customise solution still work for 2022.5+ (I think I read that customize.yaml is being depreciated??)

[edit] I got customize to work (in my heating package) - thanks!

I’m still interested to know how you hid the heating modes in the thermostat card though.

Maybe I am dense or haven’t found it but where do these changes get made? I tried editing the code on the card itself and got an error. Can someone take a dummy like me by the hand and show me what to do? I have version 2022.7.7