Min-max entity is in the developer-tools/state but not in entities

I have a min-max sensor added and can be read in lovelace and under developer-tools/state.
but cant be found under entities what am i doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong, that is just the way it works (for now). Currently, that page only shows entities that are in the entity registry. These entities have unique id’s which allow them to be renamed from the user interface among other things. There are other entities, mostly ones set up in YAML, which don’t allow these things.

The Entities page will be changed to show all entities soon.

okay haha then that was a useless hour of trying.
thanks for the quick reply.

One question if this change is in a new build can i use the value in a automation?

You can use the value in an automation right now. You just have to use the old automation method. Click the ‘skip’ button when creating an automation and it will bring you to the ‘old way’.

okay my fault i wanted to use the virtual device as a device.
But i see i have use the value as a state.