Min_mireds & max_mireds, how to set?

So, I’m new to home assistant but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it! I’m wondering how to set the min_mireds and max_mireds values on my lights?

My ultimate goal is to completely replace Smartthings and just use it as a dumb hub for zigbee/zwave. I’ve been able to setup mosquitto and the smartthings-mqtt-bridge and get them all working nicely, I’ve also got auto renewing certificates working for letsencrypt and it’s in use in mosquitto and HA. The final piece in my puzzle (before setting up my automations), is being able to set the color temperature on my Smartthing MQTT lights (Ikea Tradfri). The problem is, smartthings reports and receives color temperature in Kelvins and HA uses Mireds. I’ve found some other threads where people have had similar issues, it looks like min_mireds and max_mireds were implemented to solve this.

Ok, so I figured it out, looks like I needed to set those values under ‘customize:’. Now I can create some good scenes and automations. The temperature slider is inverted (because mired and kelvins are opposite), hopefully there will be some way to invert that in the future.

Hi @redmamoth. Can you share your customize and and one of your lights configuration? I’m wrestling with this right now too, and would love to see how someone else has solved it.