Mini amplifier that can integrate with Home-Assistant platform?


I’ve a ceiling speakers in our bathroom, and I wants to connect them to a mini amplifier with LAN network connection (no need WiFi), so I can play Spotify on it… controlled by HA.

There is a mini amplifier that can integrate with Home-Assistant platform ?


One option would be to buy a “normal” amplifier and then connect a chromecast audio to it.

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You mean to connect Chromecast audio as an Audio-Input to something like this amplifier ?

And how can I change the amplifier state to OFF ?

Switchable WIFI wall socket! Or Sonoff or shelly switch. For this it’s important that you buy an amp that’s switchable to permanent “on”.

Thanks All.
I’ve managed the VSX-924 receiver issue, and now I can play through Zone 2 as well.

So no need a mini amp anymore.