Mini ceiling projector for dashboard viewing

I have this clock/weather station that projects the time and current temps of a couple of sensors on my ceiling. It only uses red lights, so it doesn’t really light up the room but it is perfect for just rolling over and seeing the time/temp. Below is what I currently have for reference:

It got me thinking about projecting a HA dashboard to see more information at a quick glance. HVAC status, door lock status, child home/away are just a few things. Would love to find something that would just use the red, but could easily create a dashboard with black background and red fonts. Could then use a cheap mini projector or something to project on the wall and control the brightness.

Does anyone have experience with this and have some suggestions on projector to use? Main concerns would be how bright it would be and also fan noise from the projector.

Thanks for the advice.



Hi, do you intend to use this in the bedroom?
Even if such a thing exists, is it not easier to use a tablet?
That’s what I use on my nightstand.

Yes, it would be in the bedroom. Putting a tablet on the nightstand was a thought, but need it were both of us can see it easily without putting on glasses.

Had the same idea since I started with HA ! That would be awesome…