Mini-climate-card: Trying to understand the yaml

I’ve installed mini-climate-card via HACS and am trying to customize it. I don’t understand the documentation, though.

Note the yellow icons in the following image. Yellow seems to be default, no matter which mode it’s on, except for off when they are white. I’m trying to color them (blue for cool, red for heat) but cannot figure out how to make it happen. (I chose the abacus icon for “cool” mode to make sure I can change icons. I just can’t figure out how to change the color of the icon.

The code from the Github page shows the following:

type: custom:mini-climate
entity: climate.my_ac
  style: "(value, entity) => ({ color: 'black' })"
      icon: mdi:power
      name: 'off'
      icon: mdi:fire
      name: heat
      icon: mdi:cached
      name: auto
      icon: mdi:snowflake
      name: cool

How does the “style” line work? Am I supposed to replace “value” and “entity” with someone else? Duplicate it for every HVAC mode?

The Github page also shows an example like this:

type: custom:mini-climate
entity: climate.my_ac
      template: () => 'mdi:water'
      style: >
        (value) => (value > 30 ? { color: 'red'} : {})
    unit: '%'
    round: 1
      entity: sensor.humidity

This seems to break the card completely when I try it, and I’m still not sure how the “style” line works.

I was hoping for the exact same thing(s) you are but can’t figure out squat.

Snowflake if mode set to cool and white when idle then blue when actively cooling same for heat but a fire icon?

Documentation is tough on this one.

I do like the secondary info options which is why I went back to this card.