Mini-graph-card does not show all days specified in graph

I am trying to display the total rain from the last 7 days, the value shown in correct however the graph still display on 1 day.

Any ideas?

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - entity: sensor.rain_weekly_rounded
name: Rainfall /week
  extrema: true
  average: true
  graph: true
  labels: true
hour24: false
days_to_show: 7
    source: sensor.weather_station_friendly_name_rainfall_per_min
    cycle: weekly
    unique_id: rainfall_week

There is no option days_to_show.

It’s hours_to_show

(168 for 7 days).


Using hours_to_show: 168 still does not show a full week.

Do you have a weeks worth of data?

Also you posted config for

Yet the image you are showing is not a mini-graph but the core more info pop-up card. The more-info pop-up is not affected in any way by the mini-graph card.

Ohhh right, so when I click on the graph, that data shown is not mini-graph-card right.

I think i gotcha.

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It is possible to replace the pop-up with this 3rd party resource: