Mini Graph Card Help

Hi Tom,

How did you do the secondary graph in the mini_grap_card? Did you find some way to use bar’s and lines at the same time? Or did you use for the secondary y-axis multiple sensors?

I have done a similar secondary graph by splitting the values of a solar panel group into 1 an 0. excample:
If solar <1 Watt then value is 1 (darknes) otherwise 0
second sensor >1 and <1000w then value is 1 (light) otherwise 0
third sensor >1000 and <2000 value is 1 (bright) otherwise 0
and forth sensor >2000 value is 1 (very bright) if not, then 0

For the secondary axes i have 4 sensors, depending on the light on the solar panels, I have some color in the graphic.

Im just curious if there is some more easy solution than I have done.

Kind regard,

Moved this post as it was off topic.

Yes I use the secondary axis.