Mini media card not displaying properly in Chrome on mobile

Hi all, I understand this is a minor issue but I’m having issues with the lovelace mini media player card displaying in chrome on mobile devices, it looks fine on desktop browsers and other mobile browsers, and also used to be fine in chrome.
I have a 12px border-radius applied to all my lovelace cards using card-modder but the mini media player cards are square in chrome on mobile.

First screenshot is chrome and second is in opera both on mobile.

It may be me, but those look identical.

Hi @nickrout as I said it’s a minor issue but if you look at the 2 media players near the bottom in the right pic the corners are rounded as per the 12px border-radius applied to the card, but on the left they are square.

Dammit I downloaded and peered at the wrong one. I see what you mean.

Perhaps an issue posted either on the min-media-player github or the card-modder github will bring joy.

I love the layout can you share your code?